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passion. creativity. skilled.
New talent, experienced talent, we welcome all. Our only “ask” is that you are passionate, creative and willing to learn new techniques and have an open mind for personal and professional growth.

At Misfits Nail Studio we take our training and business of Nail Technology seriously. Our customers are our bread and butter and we fight tooth and nail to create an unparralled service to our clients.

When you become a MISFIT, you become part of a family, and ultimately you become an industry leader. At Misfits, we back all of our Nail Techs with high quality training. Our pay range and commissions to our Misfits are one of the highest in the industry.

This is a highly INTERDEPENDANT industry. TEAM work and cohesion plays a major role in the success of both owners, Nail Techs and ultimately satisfied clients.

It’s time to level up! What are you waiting for?

Continuing Education

Misfits takes education seriously! Our nail techs should at the basic level, understand the laws governing the nail industry. (We have classes on rules & regulations to keep up to date.)

We train our Misfits in the art of nail creativity and application. Techs are trained to have mastery over the tools that enable Misfits to create highly esthetic and durable artificial nails with professional efficiency.

We constantly invite industry professionals who have a proven track record of being highly skilled artisans to provide seminars to our Misfits, with hands on and practical workshops.

Some key points of Misfits training.

One of the highest paying shops in the industry.

We understand how difficult it can be for newly licensed nail techs to secure a good paying job as a nail tech. Most newly license techs get paid relatively low compared to the time they invested in getting their license. And most nail salons will not train new techs in high demanding areas such as 1 bead acrylic application, or how to master Kalinksy brushes, yet alone Airbrushing technology.

At Misfits, we pay newly licensed techs a whopping $25 per hour + a 65% commission above base pay. Experienced techs get to enjoy a 70% commision from the get go! We understand the industry. You are worth the time, training and investment.

Benefits of working at Misfts